Ao no Exorcist Shoot Finally!!!

yep after a year, we finally got this shoot done.
omg almost cried LOL!
so anyway, woke up at alien hour again to prepare~
did my make up, took longer than usual since it is female make up, but it wasn’t as bad as sheryl nome LOL!

then took cab to meet dear Reiko and headed to the location together.
somehow, we were the earliest to reach LOL.
so uh I slowly prepared while dear finished her prep super fast. (well, she jus needa wear her wig. lol)
anata kyon came after awhile, WITH BREAKFAST!!! TvT


and I’m done~

then everyone started coming over so it is camwhore time!

yep and the shoot began!
some behind the scene LOL!

tak glam me is tak glam. HAHAHA!
anyway, we moved on to solo shots, so I had kula as my photog while kyon helped me.
but just one shot and kula’s camera died for awhile. =_=|||
so I nua-ed around camwhoring again LOL!

ok so kula’s camera survived and we proceed to continue the shoot.
then finally done, WRAP UP!

with my beloved awesome helper:


anyway after that some of us headed to xmas dinner with the rest of the gang.
thanks to nik for everything. (Y)
we had gift exchange, EPIC TURKEY AND DRUMSTICK, delicious log cakes and bday celebration for petz. hehe~
it was so fun!! “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

group camwhore!

sucha awesome day.
but super tiring omg.
ending the post with my ghey shura LOL!

(not really happy with this re-cos. I think I shall just give up and cos the male ver instead. haha!)


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