AFA Day 2 (sun) 2012 : Here we go!

hokay finally on the second day of AFA!! *v*
cosplayed Kaito from the song The Lost Memory.
I have always loved VanaN’Ice so when I heard this song, I died. LOL!!!

many thanks to dear jesuke and reiko for cosing with me. hurrrr.
my very handsome gaykupo and pretty len.

anyway, I met up with jes first at the event area to get change, lucky that the toilet wasn’t crowded.
so we changed and went out, saw some of the ppl and yes, camwhore!

my very handsome gaykupo~(*°∀°)

then headed into the event hall and saw more ppl.
so here comes camwhore spams!

look so many ppl!

jes and I got bored while waiting so…

HAHAHA! and I stole vashi’s sadaharu!

Also managed to meet Reika again thanks to Charmie! xDDD

also finally get to take pic with marko and dom!

previously wanted to camwhore with them but I got shoved off away by Sphere fans wtf.
nearly fell too. TAT

anyway finally changed out and saw kaeki as aomine!!

also took pic with this two japanese cosers. they were so cool and friendly! :D

the event was awesome, managed to exchange lotsa coscards too muahaha!

also thanks to everyone for the gifts and snacks!
I’m so gonna get fat ahahaha!

thanks to mahal for the cup and tuna paella!!

this kinda ended our AFA event.
realised I didn’t take any decent pic during the event too. T_T

anyway I also went to meet erving and sese on tues before they return to the Philippines.

oh god missing everyone already. (╥﹏╥)
can’t wait to see them again!!

and here’s sharing the video by Studio Omoshiroi at the event! :D

and yes….
the epic moment when I broke my katana on the first day for the video. LOL!!!

thanks a lot to KC for these awesome vids! :D


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