White Magnet Photoshoot and Pre AFA meet up! *v*

Finally had the time to update this. /shot/
anyway, it is on the friday before AFA, when Jes, Vic and I went over to pick up some of our Philippines friends from the airport.
Charmie, jewel, roberto, sese, ian, aruki, dru and gian. ^^

Then after bringing them to the hostel, I headed over to botanic garden to meet laopo christy, athen and dai for photoshoot~
I’m cosplaying white magnet with Dai from KL.
we planned this quite some time back and finally had the time to shoot!

some WIP. (including my AFA outfits as I made them all together on the same day LOL)

and yep starting of shoot but it started raining. FAILED.
so camwhore!!

then finally ended the shoot thanks to Zelmer and also fellow Philippines photographer, jermarc, rio and jon! *v*

anyway we also headed over to the hostel to meet up with the rest first for dinner.
dinner was awesome as many people came over.
thanks to Kaeki as well for bringing her indo friends! ^^
also to judas for bring vashi and his thai friends over! hurrrr~

forgot to take pic of the dinner time but it was really awesome!
stay tune for AFA Day 1 post!

ending with my tired face. LOL!


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