AFA Day 1 (sat) 2012 : Here we go!

woke up at alien timing for this as we gonna have a shoot first.
no idea what happened to me but had a very very bad morning, from taking the wrong train to doing make up. LOL!
almost decided not to cosplay for the shoot. much thanks to my loveley teammates for giving me support. (*´▽`*)

anyway we prepared and much thanks to Nik for coming over, we had transport!!! (Y)

I think I looked cool in those shades, DON’T JUDGE ME. THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN JUDGE ME IS MYSELF.

and yeah camwhoring before the actual shoot starts!

everyone looked so awesome, especially my kagami, I almost went to rape jes PFFFFT. *kagami fag here yo*

then ok shoot…. and some random shots again…

and we finally ended the shoot!!!
I felt so depressed because I failed aomine so badly. /buries self
but I’m super happy to shoot with everyone, they are sooooo awesome prz. *v*

thanks to sihan, zell, erving, paolo, jermarc, jon, rio, nik, romeo, ian and charmie for coming to help/take pics!

with my awesome tetsu lunaru and akashi nikki~

and my super super shuai kagami jesuke and satsuki charmie~

finally, my kise reiko. ONLY MINE.

with romeo photobombing hahaha!!!

anyway we headed back to their hostel to get changed for AFA.
meanwhile we also bought Mac as lunchie…


ok now part 2, EVENT!!!!
we only arrived at the event at around 4pm. WTF SO LATE.
everyone seems to be on their way home already LOL!
but anyway, here’s some camwhore of my awesome Gintoki and Nobume~♥♥♥
we were cosing the version from the thorny arc if you know. LOL!

met up with Alvin shortly…

then with athen as kuroko and jovelle!

saw lenneth queuing for subway before we head in. haha!

also headed to serene’s booth to meet her!

thank you so much for the umaibo dearie! /chus~

then sees vic, so cute and pretty la her.

congrats for winning the competition! BRING ME TO JAPAN WITH JOO!

and uhm, i cannot resist this cute little alien thing so decided to have a pic with it. LOL!!!


so mass camwhore pics from here on:

ok yes, one of the happiest thing happened to me that day was….
the male kagami cosplayer I really liked from KL, came over to the event as well.
BEST THING IS HE IS COSPLAYING AS KAGAMI. *v* kyaaaaaaa~~~♥♥♥ /slaps table/

he is such a nice and friendly boy.
I thought I could control myself but the moment when he put his arms up wanting to hug me, I screamed and went out of control.
totally heck care my image and I went crazy in front of him.
I think he is so gonna avoid me from now on. TAT

anyway not just me…

anata kyon went crazy too. LOL!!!

ok so I headed out to search for people and saw xiaobai!

the man in white. HAHAHA!
she said she was waiting for my dan dearie so I waited with her but… no fate. T_T
dan went to changed by herself and xiaobai oso left shortly after.
so I just camped around that area before we get changed.

managed to see laopo and nikki too.
both very pretty ladies hurrrrrrr. ♥♥♥

then finally changed out….

dinner time!
and yes I didn’t remove my wig cos I think my real hair damn chui, since hiji wig looked normal, I decided to just wear it all the way HAHAHA!!!

ohhhh yep finally saw marko and dom!!!

I also molest marko soooo many times hahaha! ♥♥♥

eventhough I didn’t managed to meet up with many people at the event, I still had lotsa fun.
many thanks to everyone for their coscards too. *v*
also the dinner organised by kaika, thanks alot!
met up with more ppl during the dinner too hehehe~

stay tune for day 2(Sun)!
*oh and I realised I didn’t get any pics taken on the first day. FAILED.
mus have shoot soon! T_T*


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