CosMania + Philippines Trip Day 3!

here is the 2nd day of the event!!!
woke up at alien hour again for breakfast~ but vic KO-ed so she didn’t join us. HAHA!

so as usual, we finished breakfast and headed back to prepare.
done and we went over to the lobby to meet up with the rest!
yes so again, while waiting for the car to come…

ohohoho!!! ( ´ ▽ ` )

anyway, the car came, and this time, we were able to grab jes with us! LOLOL!!!
so off we gooooo!!!

and shamelessly camwhoring again~

anyway, we arrived at the event and saw Kaname, repairing his costume again. HAHA!!!

then reika preparing and rehearsing for her performance later~~

yes basically we are jus nuaing around while they all get ready…
then when they are done!

hur hur hur.
and it is Kaname’s turn for the fan meeting…

suddenly in character. sasuga ne..

and yes, as usual, we sat at the side…

judging. hahaha!!!

nahhh we are just camwhoring. LOL!!!

Reika being super cute with her bunny-chan gift~

half way through we got hungry and many many thanks to Charmie dear for getting takoyaki for us!! (;▽;)
it is sooooo nice!!!

and yep, Reika left halfway for her performance.
as senpai and classmates, we have to go support! LOL!
so we pangseh Kaname and headed to the stage. ( ̄▽ ̄)

Reika’s voice is awesome, and I caught a stalker ittoki. LOL!!!!

anyway, we headed back after her performance and had lunch.
Reika also requested to have a group pic before we move on to the next activity.

kyaaaa~~ (≧∇≦)

as there were some spare time, jes, vic and I went around shopping again! :D

saw ryan and he treated us cupcakes!!
those are really really good!!! (*﹃ *)

anyway we were asked to go back for the performance so yep!

then ok, we camwhore again haha!

yes u noticed? our nanami fell asleep. OIIIII. LOL!

anyway we watched all the performance and I almost died in awe.
from the costumes and props to the actions and story of the performance, they are really epic.
oh god, im usually not one who will watch performance but this really kept me stuck to my seat the entire time. (Y)

oh and yep, while they prepared for the results, I sneaked off to find sese and the rest!

it is also a pity that some of them already changed out! T_T

then I also sneaked to the backstage to meet up with the rest who took part in the competition!

congrats to marko and dom for winning!
looking forward to see them in AFA!! hurrr.

and it is time to go back.
more pics before everyone starts changing out!

oh right, caught the 3 doing signature for the cosmania team! :D


and yes, more pics!!!

many many thanks to everyone who made the event so wonderful!!! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

some of my loots!


also thanks to dear charmie for giving me necklace, also nikki for the polvorons!

ending the post with a scary pic of me PFFFT!

stay tune for the last day of my trip and also, DIVISORIA!!! 8DDD


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