CosMania + Philippines Trip Day 2!

ok here we go for the second day, which is CosMania Day 1 event!!! o(≧▽≦)o
woke up at alien hour, 6am to head for breakfast provided by the hotel.
then went back and start preparing!!!

the first day I cosplayed Natsuki Shinomiya from Uta Prince!
well, didn’t expect to cosplay him as I thought I will be cosing Ittoki Otoya.
but some things happened and yeah. =x
The costume was kinda rushed out due to the change of plan so it looked really ugly and inaccurate. OTL

Day 2 costume’s WIP is in here too because I’m lazy to separate them. /shot

done! (⌒▽⌒)☆

anyway, many thanks to Jes for lending me the wig and spec!
then we headed to the hotel lobby to meet up with everyone~~

Jes had to go with the other guests so charmie brought me and vic to the event location first~

camwhoring in the car LOL!

arrived, then we headed to the hall to meet up with jes and the rest.
opened the door and we were greeted by topless BRS Kaito. LOL!!!

(yes fan service yoooo)
Kaname busy repairing his cloak while we ignored him and camwhored at one corner LOL!

yes he is finally ready after that! lol!!!

kyaaa reika-san!!! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Reika’s fan meeting session started and we were just sitting at the side to watch~
camwhored (again) LOL!!!! /shot

yep, saw mahal sese, luna, aruki and the rest in the room too! :D
but I didn’t stay long inside the room as I headed out to have a shoot with dearie Charmie. ^^
then when I came back, everyone is having lunch so yeah I just joined. LOL!!!

short shoot!

many many thanks to nik! :D

After that, zen told me I was being requested to judge for a competition, but I didn’t know how to so I asked them to get someone else.
I think there were miscommunication cos after that, another staff came to ask me to go to the judging table. OH NO WHUT.
so I grabbed jes with me because I REALLY HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO JUDGE!!! (゚´Д`゚)゚
then thank god, when we got to the stage area, the person said they already found someone to judge. PHEW!
so jes and I end up going around to shop at the booths HAHAHA!!!
thanks to dear Charmie for bringing us around too!
we met up with some friends and camwhored!! :D

AND YES WITH JIN!!!! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Group pic!!!

yeahhhh!!! O(≧∇≦)O

anyway, I managed to protect jes and brought her back to the room.

look, her fans are overwhelming LOL!!!

Everyone looking for her as she is needed to judge the individual competition so yeah. OPPS.

and during the performance….

yep we are just being kiampah. =x

after a while, I sneaked off (again) to go find the rest since I didn’t managed to talk to everyone properly.
kinda lost my way in the hall but thank god, managed to figure it out. LOL!!!
and yes met up with everyone and it is camwhoring time!!! :D

then I headed back to the meeting room and had another pic with Reika and Kaname before we head back to the hotel~(´ ▽`)

in the lobby LOL!!!

so we changed and headed to meet everyone, only to see Kaname playing card games with Jewel.


and at the dinner place, Reika and Kaname wore Jewel’s mask she made for her cos!

guess which is who! hahaha!!!

oh and something exclusive to just my blog readers, see what my son is doing.

NO COMMENTS. /runs away

group pic!

yep so that ended our day 1!

so fun and awesome!!!
Stay tune for the next day! (*´▽`*)


2 thoughts on “CosMania + Philippines Trip Day 2!

  1. Hi =)
    I have a request for you. As I am going to make a Kurusu Sho (all star) cosplay:
    I would like to ask you to make a tutorial about the hat/cap that you did in your pictures.

    Thanks, Ni

    • hello! thanks for the interest but so sorry I don’t have any tutorial on hat recently. Maybe you wanna try to google? there are plenty of very detailed ones online. ^^

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