Kuroko no Basugay Shoot : Teikou Jersey!

Oh yeah!
another week for Kiseki no Sedai!
but this time it will be for the Jersey version! ( ゚▽゚)/

Many many thanks to everyone, especially Athen and Vie for waking up early to book the court!
Also to Nik who transported the epic ladder for us again! (T∇T)

Well so here I go!
camwhored with my nephew when I’m done preparing while waiting for nik~

he kept giving me the ‘so…who are you?’ look. LOLOL!!!

then on the way….

kurokocchi without wig. HAHA!

yep and finally to the shoot!
as it was court booking again, we had to make use of all the time we have.
thus i only managed to camwhore in the middle of the shoot when some of them had their action shots being done~

behind the scene…

ignore my failed wig.
didn’t notice it went too high showing more of my forehead.
looked like some retard instead. /slaps self

but yeah, more omakes will be coming so stay tune!! :D

as usual, I got too many unglam shots again. OTL


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