STGCC Day 1 Here we go!

this event has been torturing us because of our costume and plans.
owell, initial plan was to cosplay DGM for day 1. (a plan delayed since 4 years ago omg)
but somehow our taobao stuffs are not arriving and the estimated date was 3rd Sep, which will be after STGCC.
so all of us went really depressed and lost with what we should do for back up.

We had different ideas and somehow it was almost settled UNTIL….
the agent called reiko dear on Friday to inform her that our things are here. PFFFFT-
so yeah, we went crazy and headed to dear’s house on Friday night to collect our things.

therefore, we went back to square 1 and headed to the event in DGM cos. LOL!
I had tons of issues with my stupid wig and I gave up halfway.
I shouldn’t have think too highly of myself thinking i can style lavi’s hair with a flat straight wig.
so kill me if i wanna do it again. LOL!

well so we all met up at the event area and headed to the hotel where jes they all were staying.
prepared there and nua-ed abit.

awkward one eye make up AHAHAHA!

thanks to val and vin for helping me with the bitchy wig. I almost took it off and threw it on the ground. ARGH.
all done!

ignore my fat face. OTL

then here we go to the event!!!
of course, camwhore!!!

realised that I didn’t take much camwhore pics this time as I was kinda having some issues taking my phone out.
so yeah. T_T
also, having to cover one eye and walk around the event is a bitch please.
plus I had to carry that huge ass hammer, it really killed me somehow. LOL!
I almost killed everyone who walked pass me too. hahaha!

random, my weight. PFFFFT-
taken in the hotel toilet with the weighing machine. xD

oh right, also thanks to dear Kaika for giving me the extra ticket to go into the event to have a look.
Saw touya and yun but didn’t managed to take picture with them.
wanna cry pls. OTL

anyway, on the same night….


I CAN’T WAIT FOR EPISODE 23 PLEASE!!!!! /flaming eyes and hjj grins


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