International Cosplay Day + Kagakuro Shoot! *v*

Well supposed to have a shoot for this day but when I heard that there will be tons of Kurobasu stuffs at the booths in ICDS, I decided to go for the event instead.
Thanks to my dear Kuroko for agreeing to it too! :D

rushed out the pants just the night before.
Also went to make the bag the same night because I don’t have a decent bag for kagami. LOL!
Tried to follow the one they carried in the anime but it was still not accurate due to time constraint. OTL

anyway yesh, despite me saying that I will not cosplay kurobasu for events, I did it for this. OKAY JUST ONCE ALRIGHT? /slaps self
and yep me as chuigami! =w=

Athen, jes and I decided to meet early to go there sweep the merchandise so yes!
jes and alvin went ahead first while athen and I prepared ourselves.
the 3 of us were like some crazy woman running around the booths after that LOL!

here are my loots. HURRRRR. (Y)

also, jes wore a very sexy t-shirt.
I wanted to bring both her and her shirt home man. LOL!!!

hidden kuroko at the side! MISDIRECTION!

val came over to find us shortly! :D

and uh we started some random photos while ppl photobomb.

then event camwhores!

yes our dear midorima came after to join us!
while our ahomine were in lucky dog cos. LOL!!!!

then we went out with kula to have our shoot. hurrr~
dear kyon oso came over to help out! :D

so some random shoot camwhores~

I love my kuroko so much~
she is soooooo adorable isn’t she? *v* /hentai jiji mode

anyway after a while kisecchi came by too!

behind the scene LOL!

and more camwhoring! with MORE PEOPLE! LOL!

then I headed back to the event to see Jerry!
she was surrounded by many ppl previously so it was difficult to go near her. OTL
but finally!!!

I also got her to try chicken rice. LOL!

also camwhored with some others who were still in the event!

and found this nice kagami drawing! :D

anyway I also went to say hi to Yayahan.
she looked gorgeous and she is super nice!

I just couldn’t stop looking at her…. WELL, SHE HAVE VERY NICE FIGURE. YES.

anyway, it was time to go for dinner~
dear and me randomly made the 八字眉 face as requested by kuroko becos she say our eyebrows looked funny doing this.


anyway this ended our exciting day!

it was really awesome but so tiring that I fell sick the next day.
two days events are scary.
not to mention it was right after I came back from Philippines. OTL
but I love it. 8DDDD


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