Fantasy Quest + Philippines Trip Day 5 and 6!

woke up super early for divisoria!!!
my second time to this amazing place! LOL!!!
so we met up with Aruki and Dru as they will bring us there. hurrr.

of course, with Pepz waiting for us there.
the awesome guy who knows the place like his own land. hahaa!! (Y)
we battled for cloth after everyone meet up and got what we wanted!
also headed to Kat’s store!! :D


well some pics of divisoria, the fur place…


took this inside jolly bee in the afternoon, the crowd there is scary! >w<

anyway we had to head back so camwhore before we leave the awesome place!

many thanks to pepz again!!! hehe!

ok so back for dinner with the gang! whooooot!

after that we headed back to the hotel to pack up.
Yuu came over to give us gifts from the organising team.

self made hats! HOW SWEET~♥♥♥

then uh when we got bored…

I shall just stop right here. LOL!

anyway we ended the night with another partying session at luna’s room. :D
then it is time to go back to SG the next morning. TAT

the gang sent us to the airport~ omg i hate saying goodbye. T_T
but I guess I will see them soon! haha!

anyway, I had a few stupid moments again, having overweight lugagge (again) and also, forgot to check in my packs of cheese!!!!

yes threw them away. OH MY DEAR CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!! /emos

yes so it is bye to Philippines for now and hello to SG!

amazing trip again!
love this place so much omgggggg!!!


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