Fantasy Quest + Philippines Trip Day 3!

another day when we have to wake up early to prepare. PFFFFT~
but this time no scary costume for me, as a male somemore.
so it is definitely better. :D

the WIP of the costume…
well, I swear I fking regretted for insisting making this costume myself.
almost died in the progress actually. T_T
I told reiko dear to stop me the next time I try to do something stupid like this. LOL!
(and sorry, the wip for sheryl nome earring is in here too. it was for the shoot but I included it here instead so ignore pls. =x)

anyway we were pretty fast this time and headed to the event early~
camwhore in the car hur.

blurred. =3=

We reached the event area and uh to our horror, we saw our pics taken from the day before for nikon and jolly bee is at the entrance! OMG!!!

laopo christy have the biggest reaction because she was already changed out in those pics. HAHAHA!

ok moving on…
we were brought to the special room.

so yes camwhoring starts!

of course with my beautiful Rin~♥♥♥

took some pics in the room as it suited our theme. while wife emo-ed as no one to take pics with her. =x /nah just kidding haha

Then dear reiko and I headed out for some booth shopping…

getting stopped for pics. =x

then back in the room… hogging the air con and caught by nik.


We also got our VIP cards! so awesome!

anyway, we headed to get lunch!
it is included in the ticket and the food is really nice! (Y)



totally spazzing over her and well, time to head back to the room again since the event gonna start.

so yep, camwhoring again! :D

this random moment when erving puts a pillow on his lap and suggest I sit on it.
I tried and suddenly…

everyone joined and erving almost got killed. LOLOL!!!

then Fay started posing for us and here I am snapping all the way~

so handsome I wanna die pls. *v*

SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!! /dies from happiness

ok we were also asked to do catwalk but erm…awkward moment since we have never done it before.

both dear reiko and I have awkward expression the whole time. LOL!

anyway, after the ‘catwalk’, Fay changed out to another version of Kise! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~
and I spazz again. PFFFFT-

behind the scene….me like a stalker PFFFT-

more ppl joined! :D

we headed out for the autograph session.
(no idea why was I even included but uh so embarrassing. T////T)
but yeah we camwhored while waiting for the MC to talk. hurrrr.

Fay receives a kuroko card!

and we have lavena (kuroko coser) giving D8 face LOL!

random takes by zell! :D

back to the room as most people changed to their night wear for the ball.
(I didn’t as I’m lazy. LOL!)
so, camwhoring again. HURRR.

yep, caught Fay as Tokiya. /dies happily

also caught jeyel and kyo!!! missed them so much!

and dru as Notics at the end of the event. =w=

well I kept telling nik that this thing looked fake.
so decided to camwhore with it as it caught my attention everytime I walk pass the pond. LOL!!!

Finally, we headed back to the hotel at the end and died. LOL!!!
it was about 12 hours of cosplaying, Reiko and I were kinda amazed that we managed to stay alive. pffft-

camwhore shamelessly to end the post. LOL!!!

dear had to go back to SG first so the rest kinda came over for party. LOL!!!
but we KO-ed so they also headed back and decided to continue the next day. xD

and next day will be tour! :D


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