30 Day Gintama Challenge – Day 04

Day 04- Favorite Ending Song

My answer:

Again, it is really difficult to choose oh my god.
Now I guess I will choose from the season 1 and season 2.

For season 1, it will be no doubt, Shura by DOES. (yes DOES is just perfect for Gintama OMFG)

and for season 2, it will be Samurai Heart by SPYAIR.

The moment when the ending scene of this song showed, I almost cried.
Cos it reminds me of the Otose moment. TvT
oh and this amv is really nicely done btw. (Y)
made my kokoro go doki doki much. nyahaha!

anyway yeah, that is the 4th one.
I still have about 26 to go.
stay tune for more!


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