Kuroko no Basugay Shoot! Kise x Kuroko~

Yep, had a rather impromptu shoot with dear Athen last saturday.
it was supposed to be just her kurokocchi trial.
Then after some psycho-ing from her and digging of my cosstuffs…
I decided to join her for the shoot. LOL!!!!

did a wiggie test…

it was my len wig actually. I think my rin will kill me if she found out I used it for Kise. LOL!!!! /runs
the second pic, DON’T I LOOKED LOVELY? 8DDD

ok anyway, i did the uniform ver and casual ver.

managed to find a pair of grey pants for his uniform ver.
as for the casual, I cut my own black t-shirt and sew the orange pants last minute.
(the orange cloth came from my Gintoki 2 years later costume. LOL!)

so started the shoot with our uniform ver.

kurokocchi being really cute. *v*

camwhore with saikang and photog!

random camwhoring while waiting for kurokocchi to finish his solos.

then uh some behind the scenes…

all camwhoring with me at the background!!! OIE!

when kise is too short… OTL


and yep, tetsu no.2 have kurokocchi as helper for its shoot! 8D

this just reminds me of how nik calls my hair when there is an extra lump.
first it was called curry puff: “eh you have curry puff on your right side of the head.”
then it evolves to: “eh you have a old chang kee on your right.”
so there it goes. LOL!!!!

anyway while kurokocchi gets his classroom shot taken, I went to change to casual…

tadaaaaaa… waiting for kurokocchi…

and self camwhore again. (sorry for the spams. was really bored. =x)

then it is my turn to shoot while kurokocchi goes change.

Kise’s model shoot + gravity defying pose. LOL!

then kurokocchi’s turn when he changed..

nik insisted to be in his moe pose even shooting…. HAHAHAHA!

tak glam kurokocchi rolling over… cute! *v* /in kise mode

and finally a camwhore before we proceed to the basugay court!

my kurokocchi~~~~~ *v* /in kise mode again

did plenty of action shots at the court.
but as it was raining, it was kinda challenging.
plus I couldn’t jump at all.
FAILED ME BE SUPER FAILED. /hangs self and dunk LOL!

camwhore again before we change out!!!

changed out mode! :D

and dinner!!!
thanks to mido and kazuo who helped earlier!
special thanks to dear asta who helped all the way~
and many many thanks to nik for being our photog and driving! *v*

it was a really fun shoot.
At least I know I really need to practice if I wanna shoot kurobasu again. OTL


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