Because I have been spamming my Deviantart so much…

…that I decided to just set up a gallery blog to throw all my cospics there. LOL!

yep didn’t have a good place to keep them.
leaving them in my harddisk is wasted too because I wanna share them.
but spamming ppl will be bad too. =x

I thought of different places but in any way they will be somewhat spamming ppl. LOL!
so decided that I should just have another blog for it.
I actually mentioned this here.
but it was so long ago so I guess I should say it again. hurrrr.

Yep, this will be the site where most of my cos pics are.
they are definitely not very updated. OTL
but they are more completed because I upload almost everything I have there.
Will slowly update it once I get the pics from the photographers so please pardon me if the update is slow. =x


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