Helping out at KuroBasu Shoot~

So yea, got to know from Kiri’s weibo that she wanna cosplay Kurobasu.
as we chatted, I got high and volunteered to help her out for the shoot.

So yeah, I became her SKW for her Kurokocchi! 8DDDD
Nik is driving so he asked me to get ready by 7.30am. (WTF)
but as usual, I overslept and they have to wait for me. FAILED TTM.
Anyway as I wasn’t cosing, I managed to ninja out of the house pretty quickly (looking like I just woke up)
and we still managed to get to the location early HAHA!

as kurokocchi gets ready…

well, you don’t need to know what is she doing. LOL!

anyway the shoot started, and while they don’t need my help, I BECAME KUROKO’S STALKER.

Muahahaa. Kiri is so cute!
and eh there is always some moment when the entire shoot went haywire.

no idea why this happened but nik wanted to become the best dunk-er so he did the jumping shot with kiri shooting him.

omakes, they are a must!

One man army, no need helper, and the reflector acted as a blanket for nik. LOL!!!

finally a cool pic of kurokocchi drinking water!

ok yea it was a rather short shoot so we managed to head back home early.
no pics of me because as I mentioned, I looked as if I just woke up. LOL!!!
But I was rather high because I’m currently fangirling over this series, so it was really awesome. hahaha!

Anyway, my cosfest stuffs are more or less completed so GOOD NEWS.
I just hope I don’t get things failing on me on the event itself. >w<

5 days to Cosfest 2012~


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