Ribbons and ribbons!

Like ribbons?
I saw this korea tutorial online teaching ppl how to fold ribbons with paper.
So thought of sharing it! :D
Well, I will put this under the tutorial page eventho it is not any cosplay related process.
Just thought it might be useful and its fun!
Credit to the original poster, I’m just re-posting it in my own version. ^^

so here I go~

Colorful paper (square shape)
Scissors / penknife

Step 1:

– Get your paper ready!

Step 2:

– Fold it like this, starting with a triangle across, to a smaller square.

Step 3:

– fold the top, according to how big u wan the middle of the bow to be.

Step 4:

– this is VERY tricky, it took me quite sometime to figure it out. but basically, u need to make sure the mini square is folded inwards.
Hope my image is helpful as I’m not really sure how to describe it. T_T
– Once you are done, it should look like this:

Step 5:

– fold the sides.

Step 6:

– Open up and set it flat nicely.

– Cut the four sides with a penknife.

Step 7:

– Fold down to one side.

– On the two sides, fold it to triangle as shown.

Step 8:

– Now using a scissors or penknife, cut as accordingly. (make sure you cut two pieces, the front and back tgt)

Step 9:

– Fold the two bottom part as shown.

– Use a scissors to trim it nicely.

Step 10:

– This is how it looks in front.

– Fold the triangle to make the bow, slot the tip to the middle mini square.
Do the same for the other side!



Quite fun and nice.
Do try it out. hurrrr. 8DDDD


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