Changed phone, owell eventho they looked the same LOL!

Yes I went to recontract and got a new phone.
it is funny because I got the exact looking phone, iPhone yes. HAHAA!
same colour, same memory space. WTF.
Just that the previous one is iPhone4, this current one is iPhone4S. =_=

Whatever, at least I still get to enjoy my 12GB dataplan for 2 years since stupid singtel is changing the capping at 2GB starting 1st July.
oh god, seriously they are making things really chui now.
but again, I can only complain and do nothing about it. :/

Anyway, another mini update,
I re-started my tumblr account again. PFFFT.
It is my random blabbering corner.
Well, it will be more than what I post on my twitter but less than what I post here.

So if you are interested, do check it out! :D

17 days to Cosfest 2012~


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