Welcome 吐 Taiwan : Day 10~


*important note* Photos here are taken either by me using my iphone (failed) or Nik Yan. Please ask for permission before using them TYVM!

So here we go!
9th October 2011

Camwhore! *gets slapped*

so we roam around Ximen area in the morning since we are not supposed to go anywhere too far.

Then we headed to Taipei underground mall (again) for the other maid cafe since we didnt managed to go to that the day before LOL.

and cheki!


and more otaku stuffs…

ok anyway, we heard there’s another famous maid cafe so we decided to go and have a look.

but owell, we were unlucky cos there’s no more seats. OTL

so we headed back to the hostel for pack up~

to the airport…. T_T

here we are~ checking in~

random takes while we queue.

and dinner!

time to leave….

on board. yay!


but yeah, we couldn’t stop this cruel truth so it is goodbye to Taiwan for now. T_T

and hello to SG. LOL!

Ximen 西門 >>> Ximending 西門町 >>> Taipei Underground Mall 台北地下街 >>> Ximending 西門町 >>> Taiwan Taoyuan Airport >>> Singapore >>> Sleep

do feel free to comment if you have any questions.
I will try to answer them. ^^

Day 1, how just the 卤肉饭 in taiwan made me hated most food in SG. TROLOL!
Day 2, how I felt seeing a dog almost as big as me IRL and how eating in a toilet ain’t disgusting at all.
Day 3, how I went broke within 4 hours after being lost.
Day 4, how I wished I wrapped myself in plastic in order not to get wet in the rain.
Day 5, how I died after trying the suicide ride at Leofoo.
Day 6, how I went high at my husband Jay Chou’s restauarant.
Day 7, how I went crazy again at my husband Jay Chou’s second restauarant.
Day 8, how I had my first photoshoot in Taiwan!
Day 9, how I walked the Lover Bridge of Tamsui but didn’t see my love.
Day 10, how I hated the trip is ending and I haven got enough fun from it.


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