Kuroko no Basket!

Tetsuya Kuroko is a former member from the legendary middle school basketball team known as “The Generation of Miracles”. Upon meeting Taiga Kagami he decides upon becoming his shadow to help him become Japan’s greatest basketball player.

owell, recently started watching this anime.
Gotta say it has been awhile since I watch sports anime. (the last one is like Slamdunk? WTF so long ago? LOL!)
I would say this is really awesome.

It gives me the feeling as if I’m in the game too omg.
So exciting and epic.
plus the BGM adds up to the trill and excitement.
oh god loving it! 8DDDD

Yes I’m being super biased as I only upped pic of kuroko and kagami. PFFFFT.
Well, the BL is strong in this pls.
Whenever I see both of them tgt, MY BRAIN JUST DRIFTED TO THE WRONG SIDE.
To be honest, I started watching this series becos of various fanarts and cosplay of the two of them.
didn’t expect to get hooked to it wtf.

Looking forward to more episodes now kyaaaa! ♥♥♥

19 days to Cosfest 2012~


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