Vocafusion + Philippines Trip Day 3!

The day and event that I have been looking forward to, Vocafusion!
had to wake up early to prepare so yeah, ZOMBIE MODE.

LOL! stole jes’s sadaharu to wear. 8D
Anyway we started preparing and luna came over to fetch us to the location~
Many thanks to her for coming despite having lots of things to do too. ♥♥♥

again, camwhoring inside luna’s car lol~

Then finally we are at the location!
and Romeo came over to find us to bring us in. hurrr.
but we were kinda trapped outside LOL. So sese and the rest came over to pick us up since the security didnt believe us. T_T
They took us to the Secret Garden Maid Cafe and we got to see the maids and butlers prepare while we slack there. haha~
everyone is being so happy, nervous and hyper.
Me too, and I went around camwhoring with everyone with instax & phone. LOL!

yes omg with jin!!! SO GLAD TO SEE HER AGAIN!!! *dies from excitement*

and suddenly, my gakupo was taken away from me. LOL!!!
she had to attend conference so I waited for her in the cafe.
but, she pulled me in suddenly. HAHAHA!
so both of us stoned in the room while waiting for the rest to get ready.
Poor jes didnt get to eat anything and can tell she didnt look very well. T_T
but anyway we camwhored (again wtf) LOL!!

and yes the conference started then here are some random takes LOL!

and then phototaking session!

yep and to the filming of cosplayPH event thingy.

not too sure what to do since this is totally new to me. T_T
but yeah thanks to everyone for guiding me. Hope I didnt mess it up. OTL

so finally, we moved on to the event.
sese arranged for us to go to the cafe at 1pm, and yep we headed there for lunchie. *v*
so some random takes!

hurrr. the food is niceeeeeee.
and maid macho have his wig on! LOL!

laughing non stop as melo did his famous nyan dance. xDDDD



fan service, jes being super moe here. ♥w♥

random takes as we rest at the cafe~ haha!
Kat being sexy too! 8DDD

instax with jin! *v*

my colleague janelle oso came over to find me.
it was kinda awkward since it is like the first time we meet each other IRL and she sees me in costume. PFFFT.

and yes jes and I also went out to have mini shoot with a few photographers such as zell, kira, alfred, ryan and allen.

we moved to different location to shoot, jus nice there were quite a few spot that actually suits the ver we were cosing. XDDDD

and finally, to the event hall! watch performance!

also, jes plus the other special guest will be needed for the meet and greet session. 8D
as a fangirl, I was jus sneaking behind to peek at them. LOL!!!!

long queue, and very handsome gakupo with random utaite going high signing posters. =x

So as the autograph session is going on, I was slacking at the side with jin they all.
then we played with this app which is really funny.

macho vio pls. 8DDDD

and melo being sexy. HAHAHA!

anyway i managed to steal one of the poster to let them sign. *cheated =x

mur hur hur.

happy fan kaito is happy. LOL!!

and finally see aruki and vinar!

more gakupo. 8DDDD

anyway the catwalk session kinda ate into the time and jes had to rush for it halfway through the autograph session.
as we got lost what to do up there, we decide to jus throw the sweets we had to all the audience! PFFFT~

gakukaito moment. nyaaaaaaaaa~~~ *////*

and yep, random takes and camwhore again at the event!

yep tried ‘camwhoring’ with that-san but failed. HAHAHA!!

it was going to an end of the event and u can see both of us were shagged.

I never cosplay for an event for more than 8 hours and this is the first time I cos-ed for 9 hours omg!

so it is change out time plus dinner!!!
piccy spams!

thanks to wilbert and charmaine for the gift. *v*

and jin came over with her new ‘look’


I also played with doho’s ironman mask!

am I kawawii nya? PFFFT

jes oso played with the app. HAHAHA!

anyway it was time to go back and thanks to zell for sending us back. *v*
thanks to everyone for the treat, from the cafe and dinner.
omg I’m so touched that I don’t know how to thank everyone properly. TvT

also thanks to everyone for the gifts. it was really lovely!

final camwhore of myself of the day to end the post. *gets slapped*

Day 4 to come soon! when jes and I really KO-ed to afternoon. LOL~


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