Welcome 吐 Taiwan : Day 7~

The day to my husband’s 2nd restaurant. MUAHAHAHA!

*important note* Photos here are taken either by me using my iphone (failed) or Nik Yan. Please ask for permission before using them TYVM!

So here it goes!
6th October 2011

camwhore pics again. *gets slapped*

Yep and we decided to try out the OH MY 咖’s curry rice that is super near our hostel. LOL!!!

the food…

not really nice. PFFFFT.

after makan, we decided to head to Nik and Vin’s fav place, the gundam base! lol~
so on the way….

miku project diva!

and yep here we are at K-mall!

then as we enter, u can see the gan jiong ppl. LOL!

Question: How do I go to Gundam Base Taipei?
– Take the exit leading to Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi building from Taipei Main Station
– The store is located in K-Mall which is right across from the Taipei Main Railroad Station

ok here’s the mass pic spam!

Then as we exit the building, I see my hubby’s face. HAHAHA!

They were promoting Jay Chou design lappy so yeah~ TROLOLOL.

we were kinda shopping at one part of the 台北地下街 to past some time before we head for dinner~


Question: How do I go to Mr.J義法廚房 2?
台北市信義區吳興街250號 No. 250 Wuxing street
– Take MRT to Taipei City Hall 市政府
– Exit 2, take cab to 台北医学大学

Loving the deco here as it is based on the ‘Secret’ movie theme. 8DDDD
Yes piccy spams again hahaha! (mega loads of pic for this due to super obvious reason)

and yes the famous piano!!!

with Jay’s handwritten msg: 请勿乱弹,以免被送回20年前。

trying to follow the poster pose HAHAHA!

and yes I managed to get the card and cake becos of the birthday month special! 8DDDD

ok after the makan, we took a few more pics outside the restaurant! plus my random jump shots hahaha!

then some peaks outside the place. we can see taipei 101 from here!

so that ended our Day 7 trip! =w=

Ximen 西門 >>> Taipei Main Station 台北车站 >>> Gundam Base Taipei >>> Taipei Underground Mall 台北地下街 >>> Mr.J 義法廚房 2 >>> Ximending 西門町 >>> Sleep

do feel free to comment if you have any questions.
I will try to answer them. ^^

Day 1, how just the 卤肉饭 in taiwan made me hated most food in SG. TROLOL!
Day 2, how I felt seeing a dog almost as big as me IRL and how eating in a toilet ain’t disgusting at all.
Day 3, how I went broke within 4 hours after being lost.
Day 4, how I wished I wrapped myself in plastic in order not to get wet in the rain.
Day 5, how I died after trying the suicide ride at Leofoo.
Day 6, how I went high at my husband Jay Chou’s restauarant.
Day 7, how I went crazy again at my husband Jay Chou’s second restauarant.
Day 8, how I had my first photoshoot in Taiwan!
Day 9, how I walked the Lover Bridge of Tamsui but didn’t see my love.
Day 10, how I hated the trip is ending and I haven got enough fun from it.


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