Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Shoot Nya~

well this is our part 2 of Sekaiichi shoot after the part 1. 8D
Finally haz the time to update a lit.

So after the Takano x Ritsu shoot, I went to ask xiaobai if she is interested with cosing another pairing with me, aka the Yukina x Kisa pair.
and she agreed! kyaaaa!
we initially planned this shoot to be for white day which is in March.
But due to some issues aka the place closing etc, we postponed it to 12th May 2012.

anyway as I didn’t had time to print the badges, I went to draw and made them myself out of materials I found at home. LOL!

It looked really failed but I hope in pics it will look ok. TvT

This is also a shoot which I had the most SKWs to help out when there is only 2 cosplayer in SIMPLE OUTFITS.
yes, we had a total of 5 helpers that day, 1 photographer and 2 cosplayers. PFFFFT.
It is also the first time I borrowed the MOST THINGS for such a simple cosplay. LOL!

I shall give my thanks here now:
thanks to Yasuu for lending me Yukina apron.
thanks to xiaobai for helping me make the A3 poster thingy that yukina held when he intro the manga to the fangirls and also lending me the winter coat.
thanks to Nik for the chickin rice, the teapot sets, the art folio, helping me print the A3 poster and helping out for the shoot. (I swear he is doraemon IRL)
thanks to athen, verse and himi for being my fangirls and helping out for the shoot.
thanks to cvy for being our photog.

ok enuff intro and here comes piccy spams.

so I did my make up at home and headed to the location.
woke up at alien hour again ZZzzz.

camwhore with my kisa~

yes with photobombers. LOL!

and with athen~

with verse aka my sister becos we are both blondie. LOL!

then here comes the shoot!

yup omake again, IM NOT TALL ENOUGH!!! T^T

very manry way of giving namecards. LOL!
actually it is because cvy didnt want our legs to be in the pic so we had to do this. =x

next up, sitting-on-table-and-hugging-kisa shot!

my sister teaching me how to pose LOL!

strangling kisa. =x (and look, im sitting on books again)

moving on we are supposed to do the cafe shot. but there isn’t any nice cafe so we thought of trying out at a table near our earlier shooting table.

YES KISA IMMA COME KISS YOU!!! *crawls* -trololol-
ok failed, table too long. cannot do famous kissing pose.

therefore we jus head to the other side of the library that has a nice table and chairs.

I’m supposed to be drawing the plan for kisa’s book booth but look, I’m drawing poops.
I call it artistic. LOL!

anyway the table is STILL TOO FUCKING LONG so I had to step on books again.
challenging pose MAX.
I swear I almost broke my neck while holding on to the ‘almost kissing’ pose. Zzzz.

then finally, the last yoga training pose:

the famous kisa-leaning-back-to-yukina pose at the season 2 opening LOL!
(hey look, im sitting on books again wtf)

xiaobai almost broke her back while doing this pose despite me supporting her as much as I could. LOL!
seriously, the impossible poses in the anime, CAN ONLY BE SEEN IN THE ANIME BITCHES.
ok and we finally ended our shoot with all the poses planned.
here comes round 2 camwhoring!

much thanks to nik for the chickin rice.
and ending the pose with my solo camwhore! *gets stabbed*

I love Yukina kyaaaaaaaa~~
and sorry I failed him, looked too uke LOL!


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