Back from Philippines and some mini updates on Mama’s birthday! :D

Hey yoooo!
I’m back from Philippines!!! it was a really great trip and I had sooooooooooo much fun! :D
will update more next time as I have yet to get all the pics. LOL!
but here’s a little preview of my kaito at Vocafusion! hurrrr.

camwhore PFFFFT.

anyway mum’s bday on the 17th May, the day before I fly.
I didn’t had time so they decided to make it a simple dinner.

Sorry mum, you do know I love you alot.
thanks for understanding and coordinating to me knowing I needed time to prepare for the trip. *manry tears*

so dinner…

lalala birthday song singing session LOL!

first birthday with grandson LOL!


yes that kinda ended my post.
will update on my philippines post soon!
as well as my yukinaxkisa shoot! nyahahaha~ *v*


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