Happy Mother’s Day!

and happy birthday to my dear Nephew Jarren!
we are somewhat 1 week early but it is ok I guess. xDDDD

anyway this celebration thing is organise the mum aka my second sis haha!
as she needed help, my mum and I headed to her place early to help prepare/take care of jarren.

some random camwhore while we waited for the cab muahaha.
last one edited by 美图秀秀~ LOL!

then we headed to mac to nua while waiting for my sis cos she went to collect the cake first.

and yep helped her carry stuffs and started preparing!
some random takes on the decos and stuffs:

ok why so many Thomas and friends? because my nephew love him. LOL!
and u got a hulk edition of thomas in one of the cupcake HAHAHA!

and u got the main lead getting changed…

of course the okasan!

母子照 hahaha!

then here comes the food catering thingy!


while guest starts to come in…

yea i only took pic of my family so PFFFT-

some random camwhores:

crazy auntie playing with jarren HAHA!

anyway party starting so all the cakes / cupcakes / agar agar OUT! 8Db

so colourful pls! hahaha!
then after bday song session, CAKE CUTTING!

destroying in progress lol!

that is all for the day.
super nice event but SO TIRING OMG.
ending off with all the instax i spammed! :D


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