Awesome Cosplay Feature 09~

ok I have not forgotten about this.
just that doing it really slowly now omg. OTL
but anyway, here I go on the 9th feature!! 8DDD
Will be featuring this awesome coser from Japan.

ありす Arisu-san desu!!

yes I found her through twitter, someone posted her pic of zenzou in the hospital with a Gin-san trying to help take out the candle from the butt.

Then I went through her gallery and saw that she is another Gintama fan.
She did a lot of characters and most importantly, most of them are the trolling ver. (Y)
So here I go sharing her wonderful cosplays. 8DDD

Madao, who wont love him? HAHAHA!

time skip kondo, epic pls.

if you don’t remember him, you have never watched the real Gintama. PFFFT.
(kamiyama from episode 186)

Shachi, another awesome character you should not forget! :D (jelly fish shoulder pads yes? AHAHA)

Takatin. (ok ok, 3 hours, 3 french bread ok?) PFFFT-


Catharine, OMFG. (Y)

Pachhin and Shinpachi in shikigami outfit. HAHAHA!

Toshi and hijikata in screwdriver arc. awesome pls.

the yorozuya mascot. OMG!!!

and don’t think she is full of crack version, she does kakkoii vers too!
like ZURA!!

takasugi! shuai wor!


kamui kyaaaaaaaaa!!!

kagura default and 3Z. so cute pls!

sougo wooohoooo!

sakamoto too. hahahaha!!! (Y)

and this!

the full grp of itou arc. NAISE.

then a little BL of her hiji and her friend as Gintoki!

these are not all actually, pls check out her gallery for more!!!


4 thoughts on “Awesome Cosplay Feature 09~

    • hello my dear, thank you so much~
      I feel so honored and I love your blog omg! <3
      I'm really glad it helped you in a way and thank you so much for the support! *v*
      If I'm not wrong, I see that in your latest entry, you wish to cosplay Kagura? =3
      hope to see pictures of it soon!
      so share them with me alright? 8DDDD *hugs*

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