2 years Anniversary with my blog LOL!

Also Happy Birthday to Hijikata-kun~♥♥♥ hurrrr.

Had a Gintama shoot today with dearly Reiko!
she is cosplaying the kagura from ending 10, The World is Yours. :D
So I’m supposed to be her background as Gintoki. PFFFFT-

As Gintoki only appeared like for 3 sec in the ending, his outfit is not really obvious. =_=
So I decided to do the outfit that he usually wears when he goes to the beach/swimming.

The outfit is really easy to make! :D
and yes, it is the same top as Shinpachi otsu fanclub top. LOL!
I went to modify the words to the top as I realise it always change when Gintoki is in different arc.
And so, I mod it to Beach no Samurai, Sakata Gintoki. HAHA!

Anyway we went to Sentosa to shoot this!
it has been sooooo long since I been there omg!
a mini preview while I go KO on my bed and update next time!

Nik found the crab and I had a ‘shoot’ with it. PFFFT-
it is dead anyway. xD


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