Happy Labour Day and Happy Synthesizer!

Ok it is a public holiday here today so I get to rest and rot at home. Which is awesome LOL!!
Anyway, also received the video of me and yasuu from Nik since our ao no exorcist shoot.

Anyway, at that time we decided to do a dance cover for the vocaloid song Happy Synthesizer.
Someone actually did a vid with the okumura brothers in MMD form dancing to it. That’s how the idea came about. 8D

Then due to time constraint, I only managed to practice the dance the day before the shoot. Totally have no idea what I was doing LOL!
I also kinda salute the both of us for being able to dance around in that 3 layers outfit. Singapore weather….PPFFFFT-

Ok shall stop the crap and here’a the vid:

I have added the bloopers as I feel that they are actually the main thing of the video. :x
LOL-ed so much when I went to rewatch it.
I guess I really need to practice the dance again to do more omake vids like this. NYAHAHAHA!!! XDDDD


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