Dinner and Dance : Show me your uniform!

So, thanks to Denise for inviting us to her dad’s company D&D.
at first I didn’t plan to go because I had a shoot the next day.
then she couldn’t invite many people so I didnt agree to go.

but in the end, she said she could invite more people and hope we could go.
plus i had to pass my pants to uncle becos he forgot to take it from me. LOL!
so I went, last min. xD

The theme is uniform.
and all of us decided to go for student look so yeah.
it is the simplest since we all SHOULD have school uniforms. hur.

As I lent my gakuran to vin since i thought i didn’t go at first, I had to borrow from rachel and trouble athen to meet me to pass me the gakuran.
fail moment max.
but thanks alot to both of them!
and yes, I went as a male student. =x

anyway, here comes piccy spams:

group camwhoring in the hotel before we leave to the dinner venue~

yea noticed we are all wearing specs?
becos we wanna be ‘good’ students. LOL!

more pics at the ballroom area~

then we went for the photoshoot session (don’t ask me, i have no idea why there’s such thing there too LOL)

taken by the photog with denise’s cam. LOL! I looked constipated.
and the pic by photog? I have no idea where it is anyway.

Pics with denise’s daddy.
he looked so cute! :D

more camwhoring~

anyway as it was still early, we sneaked out to some area to take more pics.
then it started with me taking pics with all the chiobus. WOOHOOO!

and tats what u get for flirting too much. TvT

then with the danshi-tachi~

Group shot!

then in the middle of the ‘party’~ takglamness caught!

christy and I went crazy…

yea tats a prawn on the glass. HAHA!

tat kinda ended the whole event.
awesomeness and I cabbed back home at about 4am plus as I didn’t stay over at the hotel.
but I’m glad it was Gintama so I was able to maintain rather high.
if not, I think I will just KO before the shoot starts. haha!
stay tune for the photoshoot post! :D


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