Tombsweeping Day and random makeup trial~

(not too sure what my bro doing LOL)

Headed to tombsweeping with family last sunday.
uncle saw my hair and went “who is this ang moh?” LOLOL!!!

well, gotta go dye my hair again soon.
guess this time gonna tone down abit since my mum might kill me if I bleach again. PFFFT-

anyway had some free time so I went to do random make up trial.

first 3 pics were edited with 美图秀秀. LOL!!!
the 4th one is the original colour.

ignore weird face, jus trying to see if I can be seme.
but seems like still failed. OTL

used a different eyelash for this, thought it would look girly but not really in the pics. =x
drawn my eyebrows alit lower to look more manly. HAHA!

but i forgot to wear contact lens when I start the make up so pardon for sleepy eyes. lolol!
anyway random photos of me, my bro and my nephew~

haha random post is random~


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