Baskin Robbins + KL Trip Day 2!

the day we go jalan jalan!

much thanks to Ren and PK, we got to jalan around on the second day of our trip! xD
PK drove and he picked us up at from the hotel to Berjaya Time Square!
Then we headed to A&W for breakfast. OMFG WOOOHOOOOO!

Then we walked around the area to many different shopping areas~
it was mega awesome and we got to run to many places for shopping and stuffs~

we also met up with Chuiyen, Xiao Lynn and Lavena~ xDDD
really nice to get to meet them again since CF!! *v*
and Lavena brought us to the awesome Thai BBQ.

anyway enough of blah blah and here comes piccy spams!

Lavena asked me to try the garlic rice and it was gooooooooooooood!


then we were playing with this big ear iphone cover that i bought. AHAHAHA!

after the epic lunch, we headed to get desserts! nyaaahhhoooo!

awesome crepe FTW!
I miss the one in Jap tho. D:

random camwhore while we waited for our crepe. HAHAA!

anyway, we continue jalan-ing around and finally it is time to meet up with more ppl for yumcha!
headed to the shopping mall near our hotel and decided to have jap food for dinner. LOL!

my soba with the floating quail egg in the sauce. hurrrr.

and we were so happy when we see there’s pasar malam nearby.
I was hoping to go for one and there happen to be one near our hotel!!!
so of course, we went there after dinner! (Y)

regretted makaning dinner cos there were soooooo many food around. super cheap too. DAMN.
but jes and I still tried the fried frozen durian as we couldn’t forget about it after walking past it. LOL!!!

Nik jitao bought 4 and have it all by himself. I REGRETTED NOT DOING THE SAME. LOL!

and then finally group pics to end this post!

had a great time and met up with many ppl!
so happy and I also got myself another baobei, into my harem collection. *gets slapped*

stay tune for the day 3 photoshoot post! xD


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