A really weird dream…

well not as if my dream has never been weird before but this one kinda leave a really deep impression in me so I decided to share it.
I don’t know why but I don’t like the feel of it, AT ALL.
it is NOT a nightmare, but it is CREEPY.

so creepy that I woke up having goosebumps this morning.
everything is so real I don’t know whether I’m in the dream or real world anymore.
anyway here is what I remembered in the dream:

I was having a quarrel with my brother over something stupid. (so stupid that I’m not gonna share it HAHA)
then I got really fed up and went to my kitchen to cool down by looking out to the window.
it is night time, and suddenly it is like super quiet outside.
the view outside is just a carpark, usually there are streetlights but when I looked out, it was dark.
Dark, but I could still see some details, such as the parking lines and the grass patch area etc.

Then I see this weird looking guy/thing walking along the road, alone.
He looked like a puppet with some lanterns on him.
As I looked closer, I realised he is actually made from paper. <–don’t ask me why my eyesight became so good suddenly. I have no idea either LOL.
It is even creepier as I can hear him humming some creepy tunes softly.

Then someone (I don’t know who but it was from the opposite buidling) threw a bucket of oil down, aiming this paper guy.
Due to the force of the oil, the guy got pushed to the ground and was soaked with the liquid.
Just before he can get up, I see a small flame ‘running’ to him. <–I don’t know how to describe but yea something like that? LOL!
The paper guy caught fire and burned to death with a really disturbing scream.
And just in split seconds, the lantern in my house caught fire. <–again I have no idea why I have lanterns in my house but yes it appeared in my dream. PFFFFT.
I shouted for help but no one was at home, despite I remembered clearly my brother should be at home as I just quarreled with him before this weirdy shit.

anyway, I put out the fire and ran to my room.
then a voice in my head told me someone had set a curse in our house, the person (I don’t know who LOL) is trying to kill us, burn us to death or something.
then I woke up.

so yea, creepy?
I couldn’t get this dream out of my head at the moment.
It is just kinda weird.

And I think I’m crazy, typing this out alone in the office with a creepy bgm playing in my playlist. (Where a ghost rests is his discresion from Gintama OST)


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