The first time I ate so much before and after a photoshoot. LOL.

so yep, planned a gintama shoot with the germany cosplayer, Gosu. *v*
she contacted me via Deviantart telling me she will be coming over to SG.
and I thought it will be an awesome chance to be able to meet her in person too!
so we kinda planned to have a shoot together and finally decided on Gintama. xD

yes so before that we actually met up to makan together when she just arrived in SG.
thanks to nik for agreeing to shoot for us. 8D
then yep, we decided to shoot at RP for our Gintama 3Z! LOL that place again hahaha~

alrighto waking up at 8am on a sunday is again a challenge for me. Zzzz.
and since we are just going to have breakfast first, I didn’t put on any make up.

I know what cha thinking. 鬼啊啊啊啊啊!!!(ghost!) LOLOLOL!!!!

anyway thank god to Nik who is driving, so I can nua in the van. *v*
then we headed to Gosu’s hotel to fetch her and OFF WE GO FOR DIM SUM!!!!
son bought us to this dim sum place near geylang area. super awesome.
but it was very crowded. morning I guess.
there are many varieties of dim sums and the price are quite standard.
ok featuring the ones we order~

yea their drinks are in this kind of container. interesting much LOL.

group pic!

moving on, we headed over to RP for the shoot!
omg was sooooo full that i felt super sleepy in the middle of the journey.
nik, he is even more epic.

he fell asleep while waiting for us to change. HAHAHA!

then camwhore of me in takasugi mode!

was really feeling kinda giddy with just one eye.
thats the bad thing about cosing one eye char. the good thing is, u jus need to do make up for one eye! LOL!

anyway, moving on to the shoot~
some random pics~

featuring my moe photographer HAHAHA!

my ginpachi lolipop which lasted since last year? LOL!!!
was infested by ants from the ground and I threw it away. loliloliloli-candy!!!

and of course, camwhore!!

with son~

with gosu as ginpachi sensei!!! ♥♥♥

group shot!

this was for the shoot, we are supposed to have the image focus on this pic in my phone then we doing the pose in the background.
familiar? yes taken from ginhiji fanart HAHAHA!

and also, CHICKIN RICE!

many many thanks to nik for them.
loving it sooooo muchie!

and yes so we changed out for dinner!!!

yep no makeup except drawn eyebrows. LOL!
i shaved my eyebrows so I have to draw them on. PFFFFT-

anyway we headed to bedok for dinner.
the famous 85 hawker center!

to be honest it is also my first time there as I’m not a ‘bedok’ person. HAHAHA!
I have to say the stingray is super awesome. (Y)

and yes that ended my shoot with lotsa food. LOL!!!
looking forward to the pics and many thanks to Gosu for shooting with me.
feel really happy to be able to work with her once IRL! XDDDD

gonna have another Gintama shoot this weekend.


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