was randomly listening to this song and suddenly thought of PID.
yea what’s that?

To refresh my own memories LOL.
yes, my poly course, Product and Industrial Design.
this song reminds me of my poly mates.
whom accompany me for 3 years in TP, going through all the fun, laughter, pain and happiness together.

feel like crying actually. 感动max.
how long has it been? almost 2 years.
I miss them. T_T

not just my poly mates actually.
to be honest I always think about the past when I listen to a certain songs.
like 小时候 by 南拳妈妈.
this song will bring back lots of memories when im still the young ignorant me. (not that im super mature now LOL)
more like…


oh my god, can i turn back time now?
I can’t deny that I hope I will never have to grow up.
for I hate the real world, how cruel it is.
but at the same time, I wanna get out of the unhappiness self in the past.

shit going all emo again for a song wtf?
but yes another song to describe properly how I feel when looking back…


2 thoughts on “Tonight….

  1. Omg I like the same song as you do, Honor Society where are you now. Everytime that song starts playing on my playlist I would think about the past and feel sad about it perhaps because of what I should have done and shouldn’t have done. But the main thing that I thought about were the friends I’d before. It’s hard not to get emo after listening to it.

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