well jus being lame and uh excited for some upcoming ‘events’!
Gonna have another Gintama shoot this weekend and going all NYAAAAA for it.
ok I know I said I wanna cut down on my cosplans this year so WTF am I doing? *gets slapped*
but urgh, I promise to keep it minimum this yr alright? =x

and yes, going over to KL next week for a short getaway trip with some friends.
gonna have a shoot there too! *gets slapped again*
but yea, being able to meet up with the malaysians are jus wonderful! :D

then I should also start to work on my driving license.
parents nagging and uh I give up trying to run away from it LOL.
if I fail, means I’m just not meant to drive. HAHAHA!
so yep, gonna work on it starting next month!

good luck to me then! LOLOL!!!


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