Cosfest X.2 Day 2 Here we go!

Pardon my emo post previously.
was going really depress but it is okay now.
knowing I have many awesome ppl around me.
Also to my readers who have responded, thank you so much. <3333
it was really nice to see that people being so caring eventho we are not close at all. *v*

anyway to change the mood of my blog, I shall continue photo spam on Cosfest X.2! :D

Date: 26th February 2012
Time: 10am
Venue: Kranji then to Dountown East
Character: Kaito from Black Rock Shooter
Outfit: black hair, black PVC cloak, blue scarf, black shoker, black glove, black pants and black boots.
Weapon: Katana and chains.

thanks to dear Carine for cosplaying BRS with me. ♥♥♥
was feeling really excited as this is the first time we cos something tgt with just the 2 of us.

so anyway, we are supposed meet early to have a shoot tgt before heading to the event.
but shits happened so we ended up starting the shoot late.
Thanks to son, Nik from driving me back home to take it and sorry to judas, yokey, carine, xiaobai and xiaocao for waiting.
I'm so stupid omg. *slaps self*

but yea we arrived at the shoot location, very nice place. (Y)
however the weather was rather not in well condition plus the fact that both carine and I are wearing PVC costume, it is KILLING US. Zzzz.
nevertheless we started the shoot slowly to get into the mood.
having alot of lol moments hahaa~

and to think i didn't take any pics at all except one from yokey's phone:

and then thanks to nik for the chickin rice!!! :D

then moving on we headed to the event and changed again. LOL! (as I changed out everything to cool myself down after the shoot)
and nevertheless, camwhore begins! :D

with my very pretty brs, carine~ *v*

thanks to judas and nik for coming for the shoot!

didnt managed to camwhore with xiaocao but thanks to xiaobai and yokey for coming to help out for the shoot!

much thanks to kula, shiro, fariz, sihan and shuichi for the short event shoot.
also to ryusei and ash. didn’t camwhore with them after the shoot. OTL

with reiko dear~ *v*

with jes as GIN-SAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D

and cubie with Lin, the spirit. LOLOL!

with petz honey~

with lynn and lenneth!

with max (girlfriend) and saku (sayang)!

with seras and zander~

with kiri and shizu!!! :3

with zhenjie and alvin. derp faces WTF.

with jovelle who came over after her work and uncle~

coco who finally met up with her after chatting so long on FB.
many thanks to her for the Gintama presents. *v*

with junko and genie~

with lavena and kaika!

with vic and cvy!

with jo and kaze~

with revive and daikon!

with jasmin and claire! joui ga joy!

trolol face!

yes so tak glam omg.

and i swear my hair looked like some dead grass. LOLOL!!!

anyway i changed out early so some camwhore were taken with my unglam moment. ERHERM.
but yeah, the event was fantastic. *v*
looking forward to next event sooooooooon! hurrrr.


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