Cosfest X.2 Day 1 Here we go!


Date: 25th February 2012
Time: 1pm
Venue: Dountown East
Character: Kaito from Senbonzakura
Outfit: blue hair, blue uniform with ling long stuffs, police hat, white glove and black boots.
Weapon: none.

got invited by sayang saku to cosplay this together.
was supposed to be for shoot.
then we ended up deciding to cosplay for the event too. so here.
the costume was quite easy to make as i used the usual yukata costume pattern.
but having trouble with the hat and the ling ling long long stuffs. LOL!
still glad it turned out alright. (eventho the stupid pvc bias tape starts peeling off badly during the event)

so here’s a group shot of me and my lovely teammates~

Miku by sakurazaki
Meiko by Jesuke
Luka by Cutepetz
Len by Cubie
Kaito by me aka viospace

our rin missing as vic had a plan on that day so she couldn’t join us. LOL!

anyway, early in the morning i woke up, did my make up and headed over to DTE to meet son and jovelle for breakfast.
got to go out of the house with bro as he is heading to work too.

yes so jes came to join us for makan after and then we headed to change.
and yep we went over to saku’s chalet to put our stuffs there after we are done.
so here comes, CAMWHORING!!!

group camwhore lol!

with chio meiko

with jovelle as pirako. she looked so cute!

with sayang miku~

then we saw yasuu and akairi! they were cosing yukinaXkisa from sekaiichi AHHHH!

with rei and xiao you~

with another senbonzakura kaito, mumu. she is sooooo shuai pls~

dear came over as a photog haha~ *v*

lavena as inori and kiri as shu!

with cubie!

with ask and zander!


with adel and issac!

with swiftwing and kula~

with shiro and shuichi.

with data and kosmo.
kosmo was doing host club gintoki omfg and he gave me the gin name card KYAAAAA! (Y)

with william and judas!

with sihan and vic~

with revive and daikon!!! so shuai prz.

with xiaobai~~

jasmione and dan!

with suminyaku and himi~~

with shine and jo.

with alan and fariz taichou!

with honey petz~

with jasmin!

with claire and kaika~

with carine as gin-san!!

with vin and nik~

with ash and xiaobai!

with yokey~

with lynn and photobombers LOL!!!!

and oso thanks to all these lovely people who camwhored with me at the event~ *v*

anyway here comes potong ice-cream and chickin rice!

anyway that ended my day 1.
forgot to take a pic of myself for both days. how smart LOL!
but yeah, stay tune for photo spams of day 2!! :D


2 thoughts on “Cosfest X.2 Day 1 Here we go!

    • aww dear thank you so much for the compliment. ///<
      it would be nice if you could actually visit one of the conventions here, it is quite fun! :D

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