A most quiet shoot I ever had…

yes so I had a shoot with dear Xiaobai for the first time~<3
gotta thank her for the invite. *v*
we did takano x ritsu from sekaiichi.
she actually got me to be her seme. OMG!!! *teary eyes*

anyway uh I kinda forgot about the date and only realised it the day before.
so I went to cut my wig super last min. PFFFFT-

ignore chui face here.
totally dying pls.

then woke up late and chionged out of the house just with base make up. LOLOL!!!

had a bad hair day too. OMG. =w=

then anyway, we went into the library.
this is the time when all the things become funny and challenging.
we had to communicate at a super soft tone. thats already super difficult.
then, we cannot laugh out loud. =_=
HOW THE HELL CAN I DO THAT PLS. *bangs head against wall*

but owell, I managed to do it.
i was literally laughing in the inside when shits happened. LOLOL!
i guess it was trained from watching Gintama in the office. when I can’t LOL in the office. (Y)

so a few funny things that happened:

1. Nik’s stomach groans when he is whispering to me on the pose. I died laughing in the inside becos the groan is really loud.
2. Xiaobai choked when I hugged her too tightly. I also died laughing because I could hear her choking.

then we also had ALOT of omakes.

“shooting in a library is awesome due to the available platforms for height increment- BOOKS.” – quote from himi.
TROLOLOL!!! buay tahan.

epic spawning location? LOL!

photographer acting moe with light flash and umbrella WTF.

ritsu had to do erasing motion for alot of times. HAHA!

yes be silence in the library!!!

stalker caught!

takano dancing?!

when the seme’s hand is not seme enough….

and when the SKW’s hand is the most seme one….

anyway, xiaobai is so hardworking that she printed out ref and made library cards for the shoot! ♥

and yes finally, CAMWHORE TIME!

anyway thanks to nik again for the awesomely nice chickin rice shots!

camwhore of myself as chui takano~


then me changing out. with a weird colour hair. HAHAHA!

it was really a fun and nice shoot.
first time trying something like this.
can’t wait for our pics and part 2!!! 8DDDDD ♥


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