Casual Shoot, for the first time!

yep, much thanks to FarizAsuka for the invite, and finally, we set a date for this long awaited casual shoot. LOL!
it happened on 28th Jan~
this was like planned so long ago (last year jan?!) but due to cosplay stuffs, I kept postponing it. PFFFFT-

anyway, previously I was also doing some make up test to see which style I should do.
my concept of the shoot is ‘double-vio’.

and I thought if I’m gonna be like a guy, I should have minimal make up.
so I tried out the ‘no-eyeliner’ tactic.
but my eyes are sooooo aweful that I needed something to look awake. Zzzz.
thus I used fake eyelashes and eye-shadow to add some effects.
but at the same time, it should look as ‘minimal’ as possible. TROLOLOL!

so here, this is how it looked, first trial. hmmmmm—

my hair didn’t look ok so I went to put on a wig:

better? ( ̄ロ ̄|||)

and uh, for viosuke….

don’t worry, totally kidding here. AHAHHAA!
but uh, you can totally see how the hair affect the ‘feel’ even with the same make up. LOL!

anyway, comes to the actual shoot, while waiting for fariz, I…camwhored. O(≧∇≦)O

TROLOLOL! failed face at the end.

but yeah here’s closeup of my eye makeup:

as I thought my first trial had too much eyeshadow, I lightened it this time.
and yes, zero eyeliner used. HAHA!

then uh after shooting for sometime, I changed to become the other vio. =x

don’t get shocked, it is me. LOL!!!!
my dad saw this picture and asked is this person my cosplay friend.
seriously, he can’t even recognize me anymore when I put on this mode.
so I wont be surprised if someone freaked out seeing me like that. NYAHAHAHAHA! (*`▽´*)

anyway, after the shoot we headed to petz house for CNY dinner.
many thanks to her invitation.
the food were so nice and we had fun playing games.
I also had mahjong session with 3 scary guys (vin, zhenjie and alvin) till 6am morning WTF.
they all wanna kill me because I keep playing lousy cards. TROLOL.
owell, I don’t want them to win and take all my money away!!! D:

then uh when we finally finished the game, the rest of the gang all KO-ed at petz’s hse. HAHAHA!
many thanks to nik for driving me back eventho he is sooo shagged too.

it was really an awesome day. (Y)


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