Awesome Cosplay Feature 08~

Yep finally another feature~ *v*
sorry haven been active with this feature things. Zzzz.
shall try to have more as much as I can manage~
anyway, back to SG coser feature!

Yes, This time will be another cosplayer whom I really liked: Cvy!

Well, as I was doing some research on cosplay, I chance across this site with alot of kuroshitsuji cosplays.
then, I saw this ciel who is really amazing.
I went over to research more about her cosplays and found all these wonderful works.
so here I go sharing her awesome cosplays~~♥

First, Ciel of course~ 8DD

loving her expression and all the version she did is perfect!
and yes her cosplay mates are wonderful too!

then moving on to Soul Eater!

her Soul and Death the kid is by far the best I have seen.
the hair and expression. (Y)

her sougo is sooooo awesome!

look at the freaking baazooka? nyaaaa~♥

then to vocaloid! :D

I love her meltdown rin. the details and effort. omg~♥
didn’t get to see her in that IRL tho. *stabs self*
but yes she is lovely as miku too!
and in case you have not seen the epic Rolling Girl PV they have done, you should totally have a look here:

She also came up with this OC team, Steampunk Alice in Wonderland.
Her character is the white rabbit.
the whole team is wonderful, outfit designs and everything, sooooo awesomelicious.

a short trailer was done for this too:

couldn’t get enough of it.

and yes Ao no Exorcist!!!
she did kamiki and Rin! *v*

and sharing some other misc series she have done.

seriously her gallery is so awesome that I just couldn’t decide which ones to feature! LOL!
so you need to check out her gallery!!! *v*
I will be going REALLY REALLY slow with this feature thing but I will still continue.
hence please pardon me for this.
(oh and did I mention I totally forgot about my anime countdown post as well? PFFFT-)

stay tune for next feature! :D


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