Welcome 吐 Taiwan : Day 3~

well, I would say I ALMOST forgot that I didn’t update anything at all on my Taiwan trip after the day 2 entry. PFFFFFFFFFFFT- *gets slapped*

*important note* Photos here are taken either by me using my iphone (failed) or Nik Yan. Please ask for permission before using them TYVM!

so yes finally!!!
2nd October 2011

ogays, woke up and then headed for breakfast!

As usual, camwhore! *gets slapped*

we went to the famous Ah Zong Mian Xian 阿宗面線 to try the mee sua, since everyone has been recommending it~

It is just along the streets of Xi-Men Ding.
You should see it along the food streets. If not, you can ask for directions. The people are very friendly! hurrr.

and yes after breakfast, we decided to head over to the Animate nearby! WOOOHOOOO!

otaku-mode ON! lol!!!

yes all the anime stuffs especially gintama~~~ =w=

yes it just so happen that when I headed to the costume area, they had the mannequin wearing Gin-san’s costume!!! nyaaaaa~♥

and my loot:

mur hur hur. (Y)

next we are gonna head to Wu fen pu! YES FOR MORE SHOPPING! 8D

camwhore while waiting for train~ lolol!

Question: How do I go to Wu Fen Pu 五分埔?
– Take MRT from Ximen to HoushanPi 後山埤 (Blue Line) [NT$30, Single-Journey Ticket. NT$24, EasyCard ] (16 minutes)
– Leave the station by Exit 1 and walk north along Jhongpo N. Rd. to the intersection of Jhongpo N. Rd. and Yongji Rd.
– Wufenpu is on the left and front.

ogays, we are here at Wu Fen Pu, and it is raining. TSK.

the awesome part is eventho the road is soooo freaking cramp, cars and lorries are still able to drive through like a boss. LOL!!!
imagine u are shopping at bugis street and u have a taxi driving pass you along the streets.
yeah, something like that. LOL.

anyway, we just shop and shop and shop.
one of the failed moment:
I lost my way while shopping and didn’t realised I was by myself until all my money is gone.
Yes, I spent all that I have brought and had no money left. WTFISHIKNOW.
so I went to whatsapp vin and nik for help. Because I couldn’t figure my way out.
the place is like 10 times bigger than bugis street LOL!

and finally Vin and Nik found me while I wandered around like a lost kid. FAILED.
we settled down at this 肉丸 store and tried. (well, the guys helped me pay since I had no money left. HAHA!)

the soup and meatballs are soooo nice. *v*b

anyway, Vin wanted to continue shopping so I tagged along.
because he just tempted me to buy more.
so yes, in the end I borrowed money from Nik and Vin and bought these~


anyway, finally everyone meet up and it is time to go makan at Rao he night market which is nearby!

Question: How do I go to Rao He Night Market 饒河街觀光夜市 from Wu Fen Pu 五分埔?
– Follow road from Wufenpu and cross the junction
– Walk straight up and you will spot a temple
– Raohe Night Market is just beside the temple on the left
(Can take bus 276 to go back to Ximending from Raohe Night Market if not MRT.)

yes see the pics, just walk along and you should see the temple!

very very very gorgeous temple. (Y)

anyway, following will just be pics of food, food and FOOD. LOL!

satisfying max!!!
and yes group pic before we head to shop around the night market~

Nik wanted to get casing so we went to shop for casing. and I also shunbian buy one which is super interesting looking:

(the one on the right belongs to Vin. HAHA!)


so instead of public transport, we cabbed back to our hostel since it is still raining. =x

yes a random pic of me and my bread iphone to end the post!

P.S. my bread casing is already damaged btw. thanks to the violent me. =x

Ximen 西門 >>> Breakfast at Ah Zong Mian Xian 阿宗面線>>> Wu Fen Pu 五分埔 >>> Rao He Night Market 饒河街觀光夜市 >>> Ximending 西門町 >>> Sleep

do feel free to comment if you have any questions.
I will try to answer them. ^^

Day 1, how just the 卤肉饭 in taiwan made me hated most food in SG. TROLOL!
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Day 8, how I had my first photoshoot in Taiwan!
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