Let me rant!

well, getting shagged and frustrated from work.
kinda annoyed by stupid people.
especially those unreasonable consumers that make people’s life difficult.
seriously, I hope they get karma for torturing us. ARGH.

Also, bitches who are fucking demanding.
seriously, already tight on schedules and u kept asking us to do lotsa crap.
go fk urself.

Trying so hard but it doesn’t seem to be enough.
so much for working life.

pardon this, growing out lotsa white hair and nosebleeding more than usual due to stress. LOL!
even when I went for checkup, the doctor asked why I’m so stressful.
pfffft- come on, as if I want it? -_-

I don’t know, perhaps this is the ugly side of life to make my other moments beautiful.
yea i gotta believe in that.


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