yes totally neglected my blog. ZZzzz~
I promise to update it more often when I can!
please pardon me for now as nowadays I seldom get to be in front of my com to blog. T_T

anyway, Chinese New Year is coming too fast!
it is gonna be this month hence the rush. >.<
good and bad way. LOL!
I'm super looking forward to it due to the food and stuffs but it is resulting in my rush at work. HAHA!

then there is also this upcoming cosplay event in Feb, Cosfest X.2
heard about it last year and didn't know if it will happen or not.
now that it is confirmed, i guess i will go have a look?
yes definitely cosplaying but don't know what. PFFFFFFFT-

due to china holiday for CNY, I don't think I have enough time to order new stuffs on taobao.
Hence I decided to work on my 'postponed' plans and debut them for this event since I already have the wigs and materials. (yes gotta sew the outfit tho)

but I haven confirmed since I also have some pending plans with my friend for this event. O_O
hopefully to be able to finish them up! :D
busy busy busy~~~

it is almost 4am in the morning so please pardon me if I typed any rubbish. HAHA!


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