Comic Fiesta 2011 Day 2 Here we gooooo! 8D

Another day for this awesome event!
where my sister viosuke attended the event. LOLOL!! *gets slapped*

Date: 18th December 2011
Time: 11am
Venue: Hotel to KLCC
Character: World Class Chocolate from Baskin Robbins Personification
Outfit: Mix brown long wavy hair, brown top, black shorts, brown waist belt, brown necklace, diamond crown, BR logo earrings, black glove, white stocking, brown hand ribbon and brown boots.
Weapon: none

but yeah, woke up, eat breakfast and prepared!
showing my sis:


some camwhore with dear before we start our shoot in the hotel!

behind the scene of the shoot. LOL!

and off we go to the event!!!

yes, packed again, but crowd control was so much better! (Y)
anyway, camwhoring starts!!!

yes in the process you noticed there are some random hands coming in to the pics. Also some faces….


everyone starts squeezing into the pic. LOLOL!!!

so what we do to prevent this?


but no, my phone got hijacked by the photobombers. orz

hahaha whut sia.
but yea it was super fun and everyone got surprise by my viosuke look. YES CHUI.

and yep my usual must do, go hunt for gintama cosers.
found this elizabeth and started taking pic with her~ :D

nuuu my head!!!

then reiko and i had a mini shoot with Fariz before we get back to change out.
anyway thanks to dear xiaolynn for this gintoki badge!

love it so much! was trying to hunt for a gin-san badge for so long but couldn’t find it at the booth. *v*

and yep, these are what I spammed during the two days event:


anyway since it is kinda the end, i shall post the pic for day ‘3’ here too.
headed to KLCC mall to get some stuffs and makan.

atasing in a cafe while using the free wifi~

and back to SG. T^T
but it was an awesome trip!!!! ♥♥♥


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