Photoshoot Part 2 : Vocaloid Poker Face

ok a continuation from the previous post on my pajagin,

here I go with the second part~
after im done with my pajagin, I went to change to my Kaito Poker Face ver.
yep, many thanks to laopo christy for inviting me to the group. ♥

and while I was changing, the rest of them had their shots first.
some uh, behind the scene. =x

yea hahaha!
all these happened in a small hotel room. (Y)

anyway here, camwhore of me. =x

and with the groupmates~

with gakupo aka yvonne~

with miku aka mira~

and with dear laopo~

then with kulala~~~

so after this, we changed to christmas version!

Rina joined us after her work so I didn’t managed to take much pics with her.

and yeah, camwhore of myself again before I change out. LOL!

much thanks to yvonne for the cute reindeer ears. 8DDD

a pic from William!

trying-to-look-seme attempt failed. OTL

7 days to CF2011~


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