Totally lack of time~

oh my god I don’t know but it has been rather busy for me lately. PFFFT-
some updates here for my first post in December I guess.
(well at least to keep my blog kinda alive for now)

– increase of job scope. but so far so good.
– annoying consumers got worse and became even more annoying plus fucked up.

– lots of things at home not packed properly. Head gonna roll if I don’t get it done by next week.
– my nephew is still mega kawawii. just that he hates me even more now. T.T
– my dear daughter Ginko (iphone) died on me on 29 Nov. Got it changed the next day and I named it Ginko V2. LOL!
– and my son Naru (lappy) also died on me on 30th Nov. The speaker spoil and it is getting random shutdowns more often now. FUCK. still gotta find time to bring it to fix.
– Hell suay yeah? sometimes chui things just have to happen together at once. My mp3 died too. pfffft-
– Happier note, Imma start planning my BIG oversea plan for 2013 (WTF?). yeah abit too faraway but I need to start planning early to be motivated and save enough. hmph!

– gave myself extra problems for increasing cosplans. seriously, WHAT THE FUCK AM I THINKING?
– bought lotsa cloth to chiong my costume (eventho im already fucking busy this month). many thanks to athensis for helping me with the cloth too~♥
– Comic Fiesta is next next week. My day 2 stuffs are not exactly completed yet. DIE pls.
– gonna cut down on cosplay next year (as if I really can? pffft-) to save money. LOL!



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