The Okumura Twins and Owee!

ok, finally update my blog.
don’t know why I have been so busy recently. pffft-

So yasuu and I planned to have our Gintama Owee shoot.
At the same time, I wanted to cos Ao no Exorcist so I invited her to be my Yukio~♥
many many many thanks to dear Jovelle for lending me the Rin stuffs.
omg without you I wont be able to shoot him! *v*

anyway, yasuu also borrowed her stuffs from Hikari. AHAHA!
meaning both of us literally borrowed almost everything. (Y)
and also, thanks to Akairi for coming over to saikang for us.
she is soooo cute. she kept wander around herself and ended up running back to find us when she sees something scary. LOL!
Thanks to son aka Nik for driving us to the location! 8D
and also, kula for coming as another photographer.

anyway, nuff said, lets have some camwhore pics LOL!

my shuai yukio! ♥
pls ignore the takglam me. LOL!

with akairi! ^^

with moe son and kula~

behind the scenes. LOL!

lol serious yukio and nik in action. <–while this Rin jus running around taking pics. =x

and our dear saikang falling asleep. HAHA!

and then, shameless camwhore of meself:

anyway i made the ear myself with jumping clay.

funny looking but easier to ‘beautify’ it to my real ear. (Y)

I actually have more omake with the photographers.
will post them on my FB when I got them. 8DDD
now showing a pic of my Rin:

For rin, I think the problem I had during the shoot was the teeth.
totally not used to it so I kept opening my mouth.
but when I opened my mouth, i looked like a retard. FFFF-

And I also tried to avoid posing with my unleashed katana because it simply means I need to shop the demon flame. HAHAHAHAHA! <–kiampah.
then, also the yaoi poses. we had problems due to our height.
so it became super tiring after just one pose. T_T
but I'm glad some turned out ok. hurrr.
(well, my uke face helped me turned more uke. tsk)

then here comes, OWEE!

camwhores again,

my dear hiji’s eyes so red. so poor thing. T^T

next with akairi and photobomb hiji.

this time with more photobombers. Nik call them, Ju-ons. LOL!

yea another one with even more photobombers. HAHA!

behind the scenes…


and finally a camwhore of uke gin:

UKE FACE IS CHUI-ED. *starts stabbing self*

anyway this is one of the most tiring shoot I ever had.
from normal pose to yaoi then to dancing.
yeah, we did video of both me and yasuu dancing the song, Happy Synthesizer.
fail-ed much. HAHAHAHA!

but it is really awesome and fun.
can’t wait for our other shoots together! 8DDD ♥


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