AFA 2011 Day 1 Here we gooooo! 8D

Date: 11th November 2011
Time: 3pm
Venue: Vivo City & Dhoby Ghaut
Character: viospace, OC.
Outfit: purple ash hair, white shirt, black pants, and shoes.
Weapon: specs and a red puma bag with 3 Gintama mascots.

oh hell yeah, the above thingy is the usual template I have for events.
since this day is not really considered an event / cosplay day for me, I posted it for the LAWLS. hahaha!
to be honest, I usually don’t consider Friday as one of the event day for a 3-days events. Hence my Day 1 and 2 usually meant Sat and Sun, not Fri and Sat.

But now im just posting it this way since I’m…bo liao?anyway, I’m merging this post for thurs and fri. :3

Thurs, met the Philippines ppl at Vivo City!!
omg finally met them and they were all soooooo nice! *v*
They even prepared present for me. how sweet~♥

the wrapper by Yuu is too cute~ haha!
anyway, we had dinner together and they had to go back to the hostel as they were tired from their shoot.
so yep that kinda ended our day.
oh right, jaq also arrived late so we didn’t had much time to interact. >.<
but I told her to meet on fri since I’m meeting the Philippines ppl to bring them around. 8D
so there we gooooo…

Fri, I ended work at about 2plus (took half day leave) and headed to Dhoby to meet everyone.
Bought them all to JustAsia for lunch as they were all super hungry haha!

We also had lotsa fun chatting. Romeo is really one funny guy. (Y)
loving his humor hahaa!

then I brought them to Plaza Sing as they wanted to do some shopping~
some random camwhoring:

jaq, yuu and me trolling. LOL!

with zell, romeo, yuu and jaq~♥

finally, dinner at Liang Court with MORE ppl.
heard from Zell that usagi organised a dinner with the indonesia ppl as well.
so we headed there tgt.
I didn’t talk to her because I was too shy and literally screaming in the inside. =x
so all I did is just peeking from the other table.

anyway some camwhoring with the people!

with Ian, sese and zhell. ♥

some takes from Shiro. LOL!

no idea, me and jaq just posed. 8D

ending the post with a act moe look:

ok feel free to puke. *trollface*
I didn’t know it will turn out like this when Shiro took it. =x

looking forward to the next day! 8D


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