Happy Birthday to my second sis!

LOL at the pic. random much.
but I guess that(my nephew of course) is the biggest present for her. hahaha!

anyway, a very very quick update on my backlog posts~

1. Taiwan trip
yaaa WTF im slow i know.
this gonna be dragged till im super free sia. OTL

2. Cosplay Features
yep, I have a few cosplayers in mind to feature.
but again, I need time so yeah, will be postponed. T_T

3. Anime ranking countdown
uhhhh, I didn’t forget about this.
Just didn’t have time to look up for pics as well. PFFFT-
I will do it soon. I PROMISE!

4. AFA costume / props WIP
I have the pics. just no time to compile them nicely.
will post them up before AFA!!! DDD:

5. Cosplay / Casual Sales
yes, I didn’t realised I forgot to update the page after selling so many things. OTL
will make some time to update it. LOL!

well, AFA is like in less than two weeks time.
gonna start counting down in RED.
omfg start to panic liao…

10 days to AFA~


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