Happy Birthday to Meself! 8D

owell, sorry but I have no idea why I upped this image for my birthday post HAHAHAHA!
but yea, one of my latest upload so here ya go.
it is also Halloween. combo FTW!

erm yeah not kidding, the chainsaw is scary sia. HAHAHA!

anyway, I spent my birthday working at Carnival Sales.
well, same as last year. Zzzzz.
but managed to have a mini celebration with the babes after work~♥
also belated celebration with singmei and wendy! *v*

a collage card. they stole my FB pic! LOLOL!!!

got this omg awesome-ness naruto figurines! hahaha~

love them so much~
it was also awesome that I received lotsa birthday wishes from friends via FB.
really made me smile despite having a tiring day at work. haha~

now the next big thing I look forward to, AFA 2011. hurrrr.

12 days to AFA~


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