Miku with Trance?

yep, pretty good tune~ (Y)


some updates:

Life / work
carnival sale is coming and I’m rather busy at work.
Not to mention I totally had no time for my other stuffs. TSK.
everything just poured in at the same time. awesome much?
gonna be working on 29th and 30th October too, weekend. SIAN.
one weekend gone to chiong for my cos stuffs I guess. Zzzzz~

AFA is coming, I’m like 20% done only?
First day plan still unconfirmed because there is no wig. LOL!
prop nothing done, costume not done yet.
Second day plan, costume is making-in-progress.
Wig is not trim and styled yet.
how chui can I get? LOL!

Having a photoshoot tml. PFFFFT-
no time still dare to go for shoot.
Kiampah me is kiampah. HAHA!
but I do look forward to this shoot, because it is Gintama. ^w^


6 thoughts on “Miku with Trance?

    • Sadly I don’t live in Asia, so I’m not attending. But I know three people from Singapore who will be. Maybe they’ll see you. =P

      I hope you have a lot of fun, and thanks for featuring my video on your page.

    • awww thats too bad.
      oh who do you know? haha!

      you are very welcome.
      thanks for sharing this wonderful song~<3
      and yes thank you! pls do visit Singapore if you can! :D

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